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Use Regulations


Article 1 – Conditions

  • The present regulation defines the conditions by which users are transported and conditions of payment
  • The users are obliged to comply with this regulation and to follow the particular instructions that staff of this exploration can give in order for good functioning and security of the installation.

Article 2 – Information for User

  • The users should take knowledge of the particular conditions of
    transport and the affixed information (hour of closing, signalling, restrictions of transport, etc.)

Article 3 – Admission of User

  • The users should be in possession of a valid transport ticket and present it to the control in accordance with the conditions of delivery and use in place.
  • The users with tickets for a round trip should validate both ways on the same day.
  • The maximum capacity per vehicle is 8 users.
  • The access for people that require or demand particular conditions of
    transport must be done after agreement with the explorer.
  • The access to the installation is prohibited to
    users with behaviours that bother the exploration or compromises security (drunkard behaviour).
  • It is strictly forbidden to eat, to drink (except water)and smoke inside the

Article 4 – Admission of children

  • Children under 15 years of age should be accompanied by an adult.
  • The responsible for groups of children have the duty to monitor their behaviour, their stature and organize themselves according to these aspects.

Article 5 – Priority Admission

  • Personnel in emergency rescue services,
    the police and the control of the exploration have priority admission whilst on duty.
  • It is possible the transport people with wheelchairs, the round trip and the access should be in Botanical garden cable car Station.

Article 6 – Transport of animals and cargo

  • The transport of harnessed animals or carried in appropriate carriers is
    authorized in the vehicles solely when accompanied.
  • The passengers can transport small luggage pieces under their own
  • The transport of objects that are oversized can be authorized by the
    exploration staff taking into account the model and cargo limit of the vehicle.
  • The transporting goods considered hazardous and /or flammable is strictly forbidden

Article 7 – Boarding

The users should:

  • Facilitate access to the installation to other users;
  • Approach the boarding area as per the signalling in place;
  • Enter the boarding area respecting the capacity of each cabin and the
    barriers in place for the passage of cabins;
  • Position yourself lined up in the boarding area;
  • Sit as soon as possible after boarding;

Article 8 – Trip

During the trip the users should:

  • Remain seated in the cabin;
  • Not rock or jump in the cabin;
  • Not leave the cabin under any circumstance.
  • In case of longer stops, please wait for the instructions of the exploration personne
  • Not force the cabin doors.

Article 9 – Deboarding

The users should:

  • Upon arrival at the platform and opening of doors, leave the cabin and area immediately
  • In case of not leaving the cabin at designated area, please wait for
    stopping of vehicles without leaving the cabin and follow personnel instructions.

Article 10 – Suspension of the operation

  • The exploration reserves the right to suspend the operation if all security measures are not in place.
  • The exploration is not responsible for bad visibility during the trip if resulting
    from bad weather conditions.

Article 11 – Complementary disposal

It is prohibited for users to:

  • Enter the cabin when the access is closed;
  • Enter the cabin out of the specific boarding areas;
  • Manoeuvre without any valid reason the security devices (punishable by fines up to €250).
  • Degrade the installation in any way.

Article 12 – Infractions

  • The agents belonging to the exploration are able to recognise infractions to the present regulation and detect faults of users.
  • As a security conservation measure, any transgressor can be banned from
    entering the installation.
Article 13 – Refund
  • After the emission of tickets refunds are not possible. (except due to severe weather conditions, technical malfunction, or energy failure)
Article 14 – Affixture
  • The present regulation will be fixed in a visible area to all users, at the entrance of the installation, in order to safeguard the explorer.